Journey To The End Of The Night

Game Details

Journey To The End Of The Night is a chase game played across an entire city. It is not unlike a foot race mixed with a scavenger hunt and a game of tag. The course will be approximately 10km and may take 2 to 4 hours to complete (accounting for interference). The finish line will be near a Metro and NightLine station.

Wear comfortable shoes, bring water, possibly a camera and everyone you think you can outrun.

Each player will receive:

Agents will be in disguise at the five checkpoints around the city, waiting to sign players’ manifests as they arrive. At the gathering point, a mediator will give a verbal description of the Agents at the first checkpoint, and so the game begins.

Awards, stories and possibly light refreshments will be presented at the finish line. The finish line location will be in walking distance of at least a Metro station and a few bars.

Player instructions

Your goal is to reach the final checkpoint first with a complete manifest and without being caught by Chasers. You may walk, run, or use public transport.

At each checkpoint you must find an Agent to sign your manifest. These Agents will instruct you on how to identify the Agent at the next checkpoint.

If you are caught (tagged), remove your player ribbon and give it to the Chaser who got you. Put on your chaser ribbon. Your goal now is to catch other players.


Safe zones include...

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