Spread the Word!

In order for a great game to happen, we need a lot of people playing! However, the Journey is organized without budget for advertising - this means we need your help to get the word out. Yes, you - the potential player. Bring your friends, your enemies - anyone you know (or don't really know), especially those that you think you can outrun.

How can I help?

Most importantly, talk it up. If you are excited about playing this game, inform everyone you come across between now and game time. The bulk of our players heard about this game by the genius of advertising that is 'word-of-mouth.' To make it easier for you to spread the word, we created a Facebook Event which you can share, and to which you can invite your friends. Also tweet about it !

Want more?

If you want to get involved even more, check out the volunteer page - we could still use a few more helping hands!

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