Volunteer information

We organize great games for everyone - but we always need help doing it! The Journey is run by a small crew of enthusiasts, who cannot be everywhere at once (as proved at the first run =) ). Please, help us out, especially if you've already played the last time!

Spread the Word

Most important of all:spread the word about the game!

Operate a Checkpoint

If you're artistically inclined or a people person, please consider creating and/or staffing a checkpoint! Anything can happen at a checkpoint, as long as it draws attention and stands out in the city - be creative!

Be a Chaser

For each run, we are casting a small crowd of initial chasers - looking for a good hunt and some insight in the game's organization? Get in touch!


We love to have good documentation for our journeys - if you're a photo- or videographer, contact us and we'll give you the unique opportunity to document this amazing game!

Contact us at hallo@journeyvienna.at if you're interested!

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